50-YEAR Anniversary of the Return of Blue Lake to Taos Pueblo

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On December 15, 1970, former President Richard M. Nixon signed into effect Public Law 91-550, approved in a bipartisan manner by the United States Congress. In speaking of  the Bill’s significance, President Nixon stated, “This is a bill that represents justice because in 1906 an injustice was done in which land involved in this bill, 48,000 acres, was taken from the Indians involved, the Taos Pueblo Indians. The Congress of the United States now returns that land to whom it belongs … I can’t think of anything more appropriate or any action that could make me more proud as President of the United States.” 

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Taos Pueblo, its Tribal Council, Governor’s Office and War Chief’s Office, who are responsible for asserting the Pueblo’s sovereign and inherent rights to protect its people and its lands, its culture and its way of life will observe the fifty-year anniversary of the “Return of Blue Lake to Taos Pueblo” on December 15, 2020, as a quiet private remembrance due to the on-going dangers of the pandemic.

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